Maintenance Tips on How to Improve the Life of Industrial Wires and Cables

Maintenance Tips on How to Improve the Life of Industrial Wires and Cables main image Maintenance Tips on How to Improve the Life of Industrial Wires and Cables image

The existence of modern industries would not be possible without electricity and need not mention that wires and cables are the super highways to flow the electricity. Like other machines, it is important to keep all the electrical equipment along with the wires and cables as they are designed to carry heavy loads and can withstand aggressive substances and extreme temperatures. Industrial cables are different from what is being used in the home or commercial installations. May it be single-core cables, multicore cables, fire rated cables, or data-instrumentation cables, there must be a foolproof maintenance plan in place to avoid any undesired interruption in the production line. A safe industrial environment can’t be ensured by overlooking these conductors of electricity. 

Buy genuine and high-quality industrial wires and cables. Today you can find many companies manufacturing these wires and cables. But choose the right quality carefully. Powermac Cables can be your trusted source of fire rated cables or orange circular cable supplier Australia. Here are some of the important tips on how to improve the life of the wires and cables to ensure industrial safety:

Use Right types of Wire and Cable: Use the right type of cable for the right application. Different types of cables to handle different lodes are necessary. If you expect a 100 amperes load then choose a cable that will handle at least 150 amps or better still 200 amps. Consult a qualified electrician and get the right one for your industrial requirements.

Install Properly: Once high-quality cables and wires are chosen they should be installed properly. It has been noticed that sometimes mechanical stress during installation causes serious damage to the cables. Prevent twisting and kinking during the installation. Don’t bend above their recommended bending radius. 

Follow the Operational Guidelines: Read the manufacturer's installation manual carefully to know the recommended operating temperature that a particular wire or cable can withstand. Moving beyond can break the insulation shield and cause electrical and fire hazards. You can check the safety regulations, carrying capacity, voltage drop, ambient temperature, mechanical strength, etc.

Regular Inspection and Record: It is an important protocol to be followed by qualified technicians regularly to ensure the health of the wires and cables network installed in any industrial premises. It helps to detect and fix the problem quickly in case of any breakdown.

Timely Repairing: A stitch in time saves nine. This proverb stands very much correct for the electrical wires and cables. Have a regular inspection plan to scan all the major supply lines to avoid any major future mishap. Repair them immediately when needed. Remove any damaged cables before that leads to any unsafe conditions.

These are some of the most common and often overlooked maintenance tips to improve the life of industrial wires and cables. If you are planning for your next new project or want to replace a defective wire and cable network in your industry; Powermac Cables, the certified supplier for all types of instrumentation and industrial power cables is certainly an ideal choice for a range of projects across Australia.
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