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What Payment Methods Do We Accept?

  • Direct Deposit
  • Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard) - NO surcharge if payments transfered within 24hrs, otherwise 1.5% surcharge will apply

Our Banking Details

  • Bank: Commonwealth Bank​
  • Account Name: Powermac Cables Australia Pty Ltd
  • BSB: 064-445
  • Account Number: 1059 2760


Are There Cutting Fees?

We do not charge cutting fees!

Customer cut lengths are available for most of our cable range.

We encourage purchasing our cable in 100M & 500M drums as this reduces time to supply cable and drums are priced at a more competitive price.


Where Do We Deliver?

Partnering with trusted logistic and freight companies, Powermac Cables delivers to most locations in Australia. 

We provide next business day deliveries within the Brisbane Metro Area for orders over $500 + gst free of charge.

It is highly recommend that a forklift is available at both the pickup and drop off locations due to the heavy weight of cable drums. If forklifts are unavailable, this usually results in a higher logistic cost beared by the purchasing party.


Is Powermac’s Cable UV-Resistant?

As it is not a requirement under specification AS 5000.1, not all cables stocked by Powermac are UV Resistant. As for cables that are UV-Resistant, the cable contains carbon, and hence is UV rated. Due to harsh Australian conditions the sheath will fade over time, but will be electrically sound. If your project requires UV-Resistant cables, please confirm your order with Powermac before tendering/purchasing.


Does Powermac Purchase Empty Drums Back?

Yes, provided that the cable drum is in good condition and can be reused. We generally like to purchase cable drums between the 40cm - 100cm diameter flanges (circle part of the cable drum). Generally speaking, very large cable drums (flange: 120cm+) and very small cable drums (flange: 25cm and less), Powermac Cables will most likely not purchase. Pricing and decisions are usually made at the discretion of our warehouse manager.

Please note:

  • Powermac reserves the right not to accept cable drums from any buyer
  • Powermac does not have an obligation to collect empty drums after a project/job is complete
  • Empty drums must be discarded at purchasers cost

To learn more

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