5 Barely Known Facts About Power Cables That You Didn’t Know

5 Barely Known Facts About Power Cables That You Didn’t Know main image 5 Barely Known Facts About Power Cables That You Didn’t Know image

Power cables are the fundamental yet important components of any electrical system. There are different types of cables available in the market. Depending on the application a specific type of cable is chosen. Often the most common factors may be cable installation, construction, operation (voltage and current), size, and shielding requirements to choose the correct type of cable.

Since we all have been using electricity for many years and applications, we all have more or less understanding of the features and properties of power cables. Still, there are things that need to be explored and better understood to avoid any unexpected situations in an installation. Here are some of the uncommon facts about cables: 

1. Copper is not always better than aluminum to conduct electricity: 
Many of us believe that at all times copper is always a better conductor of electricity than aluminum. But this is not correct. There are many factors that need to be taken into account while comparing the power conductivity of these two metals. It is not always merely a measure of resistance between copper and aluminum but rather a combination of the size and type of insulation used in the cable. When you need to carry a high voltage current over long distances copper outweighs aluminum because of the cost. Copper cables in such an application would be prohibitively costly.

2. The efficiency of a cable is affected by different factors over time:
Everybody has a common understanding that the cable capacity remains stable over time. Ironically, this is a common misconception about electrical cables that people hold. The fact is that cable current capacity changes over time and does not remain stable over the lifetime. It is because of many factors such as the prevailing ground or air temperature, the actual structure in which the laying has been done, and the depth at which the cables have been laid.

3. New power cables do not always last as expected: 
There are several reasons that contribute to the life of a cable and factors like the manufacturer, installed environment, etc. reduce the life and don’t last as expected. Since there are many manufacturers of electric cables, it is highly unlikely that all the power cables that you install will last for a specific period of time, and sometimes they may start behaving badly much ahead of their expiry. As mentioned above a poorly done installation may significantly shorten the life of a cable.

4. Cable armor is meant to protect the cable from physical damages: 
It is to note that the armor used in a cable is not to help protect the cable against any chances of physical impact rather power cables are exposed to any physical stress, it is possible that the damage to the cable from the impact is likely to be aggravated by the armor. Usually, the armor is made up of steel tape or steel wire to increase the tensile strength of the cables and not to protect them from mechanical stress.

5. The cable armor cannot protect the cables from moisture:
Many people think that the inclusion of the armor in a cable makes it possible for the cables to be used in moist areas. But as mentioned earlier, armor is to improve the tensile strength of a cable but not to protect the cable from the water. Therefore, exposing armored cables to water may spoil the armor and lead to the exposure of the actual cables over time.

The last but important thing is safety. You should remember that a faulty installation is dangerous and may lead to accidents. Therefore, before you carry out any electrical installation project, it is recommended to consult with an experienced electrical engineer who can set up the electrical architecture of your installation and recommend the proper types of cables required for different applications.

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