What Are the Important Things About Electrical Wires that You Should Know?

What Are the Important Things About Electrical Wires that You Should Know? main image What Are the Important Things About Electrical Wires that You Should Know? image

Electrical wires are always an important part of every electrical installation. Electrical wires are nothing but a bunch of wires used to supply electricity to machines or devices that need electric power to function. There are different types of wires available for different purposes. An important aspect that differentiates cables from regular wires is the flexibility that is provided by the conductors under the sheath. There are many types of cables available in the market and depending on the power supply needed, you need to choose them. The technical specification of cables differentiates them into many categories which you must know before any installations.

The important parameter that should decide your choice of cables is “Safety”. As cables are the primary carrier of electricity throughout an electric infrastructure, you must check every aspect in terms of safety and durability. The possibility of fire can’t be ignored in any industrial, commercial, or residential and this is the reason why the fire safety standards of wires or cables should be considered with utmost priority to attain maximum protection.

Most of the electrical failures happen due to faulty electrical wires. People often ignore the significance of the wiring and leave it poorly maintained. A power cable must withstand any electrical failures, overloadings, sudden electrical fluctuations and should be even fire retardant to stop any of these situations. If you’re thinking of upgrading cables in your home or you are working for any major electrical installations then you must know some of the basic features of electric wires. In this article, we will explain some of the important things about electrical wires

1. Copper Wires vs Aluminium Wires:

As we all know, copper is a better conductor of electricity and works better while conducting electricity, but in real-life applications, there are many factors that we must consider. When measuring the conductivity, not just the resistance but there are two more parameters that we must consider. 1) The size of the cables and 2) The insulation materials used. When we need to carry a high voltage current for a longer distance, Aluminium is the preferred voice as it is economical and a better conductor than Copper.

Another fact that you must know is Aluminium may have less conductivity but is much lighter than copper which makes them easier to spread across. Aluminium is less expensive as compared to Copper and is hence majorly used in the production of electrical wires.

2. Cable Armour:

It is often misunderstood that the cable armour can prevent moisture in cables but this is not true. The armour on electrical wires is used to protect the cables from any physical damage. It is made up of steel wires or tape which increases the strength, making the cable safe from any kind of physical damage.

3. Cable Variety:

The overwhelming variety of wires and cables available in the market today makes it difficult to choose the right cable for your installation. So look at the right specifications before making any wrong buy. You can always consult with an electrical engineer to have proper guidance and knowledge before purchasing.

Factors like durability, quality of conductor and insulation, safety, and flame retardant capacity are a few such things that a good power cable should have. Never overlook the manufacturer and always get the cables and wires from a brand you can trust. If you need to power up your space in Australia, you must consider Powermac Cables Australia, the leading wholesaler of high-quality cables and many different wiring accessories.

4. The Current Carrying Capacity:

You can’t carry the same amount of electricity through every wire that you have in hand. The current carrying capacity of electrical wires depends on many aspects. Hence, it is very crucial to choose a power cable that is of good quality and has a high endurance to environmental conditions like temperature, moisture and exposure.

Safety is foremost when it comes to electrical wires. It is the backbone of any electrical system and failures can lead to fatal accidents. Their endurance should be high to withstand worst-case scenarios, majorly in case of fire. Contact Powermac Cables Australia for reliable electrical cables for your next construction project.

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